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Leo Baker

is a Creative Producer

& storyteller

Who can bring visual stories to life, from generating ideas through to final realisation.

Having over 20 years production experience in film, visual effects and animation, Leo has a wholistic understanding about the ways to approach ideas for storytelling and visual mediums.

Conceptual Development

The pursuit of new ideas does not come without experimentation.

Leo's focus in this area is primary with writing screenplays and other fictional stories.

However Leo is constantly exploring creative techniques, whether these be visual tricks, alternative mediums, narrative experimentation or wacky ideas for a laugh.

Here you will find short films, animation tests, music videos and other concepts.

Visual Effects

Leo has worked across Visual Effects as an artist, on-set supervisor and producer. He has worked on everything from big-budget Hollywood films and commercials, to independent production and his own work.

Leo's background in camera department has been an integral tool contributing to his knowledge of the VFX process on set and in post. 

In 2005 he lead a team of pre-visualisation artists on Superman Returns, utilising technical VFX and animation to design sequences and inform the set construction. In 2006, Leo was a CG sequence lead, constructing macro scale sequences to animate the spider character in Charlottes Web.

Recently Leo has worked on a series of independent features providing VFX Supervision and creative support to best facilitate the story.

See IMDB for further information.


Leo's debut novel, Tuckshop Terrors is a middle-grade action adventure mystery fiction.

Releasing in May 2024. Check it out!


Leo specialised in computer generated animation while working in visual effects.

Between 2007 - 2010 Leo completed work on a short animated film The Lost Thing, which won numerous awards at festivals around the world, culminating with an Academy Award for best animated short film in 2011.

Shortly after, Leo was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to research animation industries around the world, with an intent of making the Australian animation industry more sustainable. 

Since then Leo has worked in stop motion and 2d animation development on his own work, and for select clients.





It's all about storytelling.

Film Production

Leo has worked on all sorts of productions from advertising to big budget features. He has written, directed and produced documentaries, shorts and music videos, and distributed and marketed his own feature work theatrically.


Having worked as a film director and producer, Leo has developed skills to work both as a team leader and as part of large projects that require attention to detail. He has experience negotiating and communicating on many levels, developing idea treatments, working within budgets, and being aware of sensitive issues that may require careful navigation or research.

Leo established foundations of the filmmaking process working in the camera department from 1998 to 2003.  Now his main focus is the development of new IP with his own works, and select clients.

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